Foster Placements With Positive Outcomes
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Why take our word for it? Read these testimonials to hear what our foster carers, local authorities and staff are saying about us. You can download more in on our Publications page.  

From a Looked After Child

I love living with my foster carers because they are really nice to me and I like living in the area where they live because I have a lot of mates there and my school is near home.

I go to Friday club with my mates and they are good cooks!

I feel happy with my carers - please can I stay here (forever!) 

My carers have nice pets - 2 dogs and 2 cats. My carer found me a new football team, and I like to see their grown-up children.

From SWAN Fostering Foster Carers

Our son was getting ready to leave home, and I casually mentioned to my husband that I would like to foster a child. He was a bit unsure, and came up with a list of pre-conceived ideas about why we would not be able to foster – like his age, my high blood pressure etc.

However, I decided to contact SWAN Fostering anyway to make an enquiry. 

"From the very start of the process, I had a good feeling about SWAN Fostering."

After my initial contact, a home visit was arranged at a date and time convenient for us all. My husband and I decided to decorate the house and tidy the garden up before the visit. As we got closer to the date of the home visit, we realised that decorating would not be finished! I was worried about this, and tried to put off the home visit until we had finished. However, a lovely woman from SWAN Fostering said they would come on the date as arranged, and she would put the decorating down as work in progress. 
On the morning of the home visit, I cleaned the house from top to bottom! I thought, “If we are going to be turned down at least it would not be because the house was dirty!”
Two assessors from SWAN Fostering came round, asked us questions, made notes, and had a look around the house and garden.

"The Assessors were friendly, professional and completely unthreatening."  

A few days after the home visit, we received a letter inviting us to attend the ‘Skills to Foster Initial Training’.
I was elated! Although I knew that we had a long way to go, we had in-effect got over the first hurdle.       
The ‘Skills to Foster Initial Training’ was interesting, and it gave us both a broad in-sight into both the positives and negatives of what we were likely to encounter whilst a child was in placement with us.
The training did not put me off; however, I was not sure about my husband’s feelings towards it, because it was all very new to him. 
The training opened up our ideas on the problems we were likely to encounter, not only from the foster children but also from their parents. Funnily enough, my husband enjoyed the initial training course and he was not put-off by the challenges we were likely to face. We therefore decided to go ahead with the assessment. 

"We had a lovely assessor from SWAN Fostering. The assessment process prompted us look deeply at our own selves. It forced us to look at, and analyse significant events in our lives – such as events that we would generally not have give a second thought."

The Assessment made us realise we had been through some of the circumstances and situations children find themselves in. The roller coaster of emotions that these children have experienced and are going, are not indifferent to the emotions that we have gone through at some point in our lives. We have only forgotten as we have grown older what it is like to feel rejected, unloved, unwanted, and insecure. However, as children, we must have had the built in strength and resilience to overcome what life had thrown at us to make us the adults that we are today. 
We have learned that with the right help, intervention and input, at the right time in children’s lives, they can grow up to be settled, well-balanced, resilient and successful adults. 
We are nearing the end of the assessment process now and I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

From a Local Authority IP Project Manager

Dear SWAN Fostering, can you convey to your carers my admiration for the way they have supported J. They have made a real achievement in changing a Young Person's life. The fact that J is now able to go on holiday as part of a family is amazing. Having tracked J over the years, your carers should be proud of themselves. We are proud of them! 

Fostering and Me - from a foster carers own child

I have been fostering for six-months. It’s like having a best friend sleeping over for a long time. 

I love it because I have a person, other than my sister, to do activities with like, going out on walks, going to town, and talking to each other. But when we get a new child everything might change because everyone has a different personality and comes from a different place.

I look forward to the years' ahead and meeting new friends.

My new Housemate - from a foster carers own child

I have been fostering for six-months. It does feel weird at first to have someone new sleeping in the next room, but it is easy to get used to.

Fostering can be hard sometimes; like if you don’t like the way your new housemate is acting etc, but as long as you don’t take it personally you can have lots of fun getting to know their nicer side.

Fostering is a great way for any ages to learn how to accept people for who they are and see all of the different personalities they might have.

Member of BAAF